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Magik Carpets was born in New York City in 2017. My husband Red and I knew we wanted to start our own business. Since we both love to travel and have international backgrounds from France and Morocco, it was only natural to combine this with our love for art, interior design and artisanal goods. Travel sparks the mind. It sparks love, ideas, adventure and hope. Every journey is a new challenge, a fresh start, and always an adventure.

Magik Carpets is the combination of two separate collections that complement each other, the North Collection from Morocco and the South Collection, from Ecuador.

The North Collection represents our love for hand woven wool rugs and pillows made by the Berber women in Taznakht. Taznakht is deep in the south of Morocco, and represents an ancient culture and traditional way of production. Our vintage rug collection represents many symbols that are translated easily into contemporary style. We design our own pillowcases, using my hand drawn designs to realize custom orders.

We deal directly with the Berber women tribe in order to ensure that we are supporting their art form directly, rather than wholesale from a bazaar. Each piece has a story, some taking many months to create. Red travels from Casablanca to Taznakht to pick these gorgeous pieces by hand. This has been an amazing experience for both of us, but especially as a woman, empowering local women in Morocco, while learning so much about their culture.

The South Collection represents our love for Ecuador, and its spiritual, medicinal, and practical uses of Palo Santo, Holy Wood. I fell in love with the country in 2012, and in 2015, our second home in Ecuador was finished.

We began traveling back and forth from NYC as much as we could, discovering a new culture, all the beauty in the nature, different landscape, totally different energy and living day to day life on the coast has sparked so many different ideas, and our love for Palo Santo, aromatherapy and essential oils. We have created a great partnership with the local Palo Santo Factory in Puerto Lopez, where we source all our Palo Santo, and its oil. We make our own hand poured candles using local beeswax and essential oils.

Magik Carpets is a journey into the home. Our products can take you to a far away land, from the comfort of your own space. We are continuing to grow and evolve and looking to expand our collections to other corners of the globe.

We only sell online and in artisanal fairs in New York City. Our goal is to blend the modern, contemporary taste in style and design with the ancient way of production. It is important that we support local artisans in this age of machinery and mass production. We are a husband and wife team that uses our hands and our hearts to share our products with the world.

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