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Vintage Moroccan Berber Rug Large Orange Flower


This large rug is handmade by a woman and her daughter in the Taznakht region. It took a whole month just to prepare the wool, and another 2 months to weave the rug. Their skill set of hand spindling is passed down from generation to generation. It is also a dying art form of which Magik Carpets is committed to keep alive by working directly with the weavers. This ensures they get a fair price for their rug, and lets us hand pick each item. All the colors, patterns and symbols are a reflection of the natural environment and rich Berber culture. The wool they use comes from the local desert sheep. These sheep are sheared by hand and scissor, not by shearing machine, which is much easier on the sheep. After the wool is collected, it is washed and separated to remove any thorns or imperfections. There are no chemicals used to treat the wool. It is 100 % natural, and the dyes used come from plants and herbs only.

156 in x 80 in (396 cm x 203 cm)



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